Cell Fraud Awareness

Bank of Clarkson

As we have discussed in other posts, performing your banking tasks online has become one of the most popular avenues for customers to use. But when doing so, one thing all users should ask themselves is, “Would my bank ask me this?” If the answer is anything other than an unequivocal “yes,” you should contact your bank first.

Scammers today have many different avenues in which they can contact you while acting as if they are your bank. Their goal? To extract important, personal information that they can then use against you. Below, please review four tips related to cell phone fraud that you may experience, and what steps you should take.

Cell Fraud Awareness Tips

  • We will never ask you to provide your username or password for online banking, and you should not share this information with anyone.
  • We will never contact you by phone or text message and ask you to login to your online banking account to verify a transaction, or ask you to provide any personal information.
  • You should never login to your online banking account via a link sent to you in an email or text message.
  • If you are unsure about a phone call or text message, please call us to verify. Help us help you in protecting your personal banking information!

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